Digital Marketing profile often involves handling dozens of task, coordinating with other departments and being responsible of overall performance of a brand.  Online marketing campaign, content marketing, social media management, email marketing, search engine marketing, are some of the essential things that a digital marketer does. Fortunately there are many useful tools that help them in efficiently managing multiple tasks simultaneously and save precious time.
Keeping up with the latest industry development is very important otherwise you will be left behind. Google Alert is still the best tool; it hunts relevant information for you from every nooks and corner of the digital world. It is a widely used tool, what all you need to do is just enter keywords and preferences. You can also subscribe to RSS Feeds of popular blogs and websites.
To get all the things of your interest at a place Feedly is a very useful tool; it let you choose the area of your interest and subscribe to famous websites/blog.
Research comes next; everything out in the world is not useful for you and your target audience. Since majority of web traffic is search driven and Google is the widely used search engine, using Google Keyword Planner is a wise thing. You get information of popular keywords in your industry and plan your Digital Strategy accordingly. Google Trend is another handy tool to find out search trends on internet.
Social Media plays an important role in the brand building of a company; it is also a key factor in driving web traffic and increasing sales. There are many free social media tools, by which you can efficiently manage your social accounts and engage with your audiences. BufferHootsuite, SumAll are some of the widely used tools.
Finding people who are expert in your industry and have good social impact is recommended. If you want to build credibility and gain confidence of people, you need some well known names to back your brand. These people are called Influencer and they have good fan following. Klout is one of the best tools for this purpose. It gives every influencer a score between 0 – 100 based on the performance of their posts, activity on different social sites, so you can identify influencers easily. Kred and Peerindex are also good options.
In the end of the day result counts, to measure result Google Analytics is most widely used tool. Google Analytics is a free analysis tool which gives you detailed statics about your website, its traffic, source of traffic, visitor’s demographics, sales and conversions. You can set goals and track your performance too.
Things changes with the time and new technology keeps evolving so a Digital Marketer should always stay in the research mode. He should experiment and adopt new things.
Date: 16 March 2015
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