You have a website/blog and you regularly publish content and share it on social media sites hoping that it will be liked and shared by others resulting in huge traffic to your website/blog. But things are not so easy, social networking sites have millions of users and they gets tons of content every day, most of it go unnoticed. Don’t be discouraged some of the content gets viral too. That’s why you have to learn what works and what does not work on social media.

Mark your presence at all social media sites – Creating just a Facebook page and twitter account is not enough, undoubtedly these two are major social networks but other sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, etc are instrumental in driving huge traffic to your site, so you cannot ignore them.
Have a specific strategy and content for each site – You cannot generalize all social media sites. Every site has different concept, content and structure for example Facebook is a friendship platform where one can network and chat with family & friends, on the other hand, Twitter is a micro blogging site, where you follow people and things of your interest. Pinterest and Instagram is entirely image sharing site while LinkedIn is a professional networking site. So what works on Facebook may not work on LinkedIn, that’s why having separate plan and content for each social networking site is recommended.
Put social sharing buttons on your blog/website – Once you published quality content and shared it on social networking sites, people will start visiting your site and if they like the content, they will share it in their circle. So be prepared in advance with social sharing buttons, you will get good exposure with them.
Engage with others – Unless you are a famous celebrity, you have to engage with others and build relationships; even some of the celebrities also do it. Posting interesting content with a link to your website, replying to messages, starting a conversation and liking and commenting on other relevant things are some of the small things which go a long way.
Advertising – If you are looking for a quick solution, advertising can help. You can extend your reach and find relevant audience by boosting your post in Facebook, sponsor stories; Facebook ads, etc are some other options. On twitter you can promote tweets, account and trends; likewise you can also put ads on LinkedIn and stumbleupon.
Don’t expect a miracle overnight, things will gradually change. In Digital Marketing the most important things to succeed are discipline and persistency. Social Media is a powerful tool in Digital Marketing; it should be fully exploited for the maximum benefits.
Date: 19 March 2015
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