Content marketing is the process of engaging your target audience by sharing relevant information, news, images, updates videos, e-books, etc. It also helps in acquiring new customers, promoting a brand and increasing the revenue of a company. It is based on the concept that by delivering superior quality content and relevant information customer can be prompted to action. We do not directly sell product/services in content marketing but provide visitor valuable information so that he can regularly visit our site, give us good review, spread word of mouth (WOM) and eventually become our loyal customer. This is how it works. There is a famous saying that a satisfied customer brings more customers and one irate customer damage the brand value of a company.
Historical Step of Google – With the Google panda update in February 2011 low quality, duplicate content sites and sites with large amount of advertisement are pushed back in the Google ranking and their traffic reduced massively. Websites with high quality and original content with good user experience are rewarded with high ranking and more traffic.
 Importance of Content Marketing – We are surrounded with content let it be morning newspaper or dinner menu card. In fact everyone is writing content from a school boy who uses Facebook to a business man who promotes his products online. Internet is the hub of information, with the rise of social networking sites content marketing has become even more important. A well written content often attracts a visitor and convince him to take action. Content is king, if you have quality content, traffic of your website will be high, you will get positive reviews and responses, and sales graph will go up.
How to be successful in content marketing – The first thing which comes in content marketing is to choose your target audience, you need to do some research on your target audience such as their requirements, interests and behavior then develop the relevant quality content. If you are using social media which is highly recommend then make sure you are posting content as per the mood of the site for example Facebook is often referred as fun site so keep in mind to post attractive contents.  You also have to work on SEO to make sure that you appearing in search engines and reaching to maximum number of people.
Personalization is very necessary, when you reply to a customer’s mail or chat with a customer without forcing him to buy a product or service you actually promotes good faith and brand value of your company. The last but not least is to create content regularly it will keep your customer engaged and loyal and also bring new customers.
In nutshell content marketing has emerged as one of the most effective methods of marketing. It not only retains existing customers but also acquires new business. It create good faith and keeps customer loyal for long time. There is no substitute of content marketing.
Apa sih Content Marketing ?
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