The ElastiCube Manager enables easy and quick access to tables contained within Google Analytics. The steps below describe how to connect to this type of data source.
Note: Google Analytics provides a quota on the free daily API requests. For this reason a developer key must be supplied. Read more details on the Connection Process  and Quota Limits 
  1. Click Add Data in the top menu of the ElastiCube Manager.
  2. Under the Web Services category, select Google Analytics.
Add Google Analytics
  1. You will be prompted to enter the following information:
  • Email: Enter email associated with your Google Analytics account.
  • Auth Code: Google requires an authetication code to enable access from the ElastiCube to data associated with a Google Analytics account (site name and profile IDs). To attain the Auth code click on the link Get Auth Code. The browser will open and you will need to sign in to your Google Analytics account. After signing in, click on the ‘Allow access’ button. This will generate a temporary code that you must paste into the Auth Code text box in the connection window.
  • Date Range: Select the date range of the analytics data you require.
Add Google Analytics_2
  1. Click Connect to display a  list of available websites the list box below.
  2. Select the relevant website that you want to work with, and click OK.
  3. All tables and views associated with the website appear in a new window.
  4. Select the checkbox next to each table you want to use.
Existing relationships between tables can be automatically replicated in the ElastiCube by selecting the Automatically create relationships from database checkbox. Likewise fields with similar names can be linked by selecting the Automatically create relationships for fields with the same name checkbox.
  1. Once all relevant tables are selected, click Add.
Menghubungkan Sisense dengan Google Analytics
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